Dependency problem in openSUSE 11.4 32 bit, libstdc++

I am having problems installing Nero Linux in openSUSE 11.4 32 bit, the installer says ity requieres a libstdc++ dependency

libstdc++ >= 4.1.1 is requiered by neronlinux-

I had the same problem but on x86_64 system. I had libstdc++ installed, with version 4.5-19.1 and still the package manager complained.

I worked around the problem by forcing the installation to complete in spite the missing dependencies. To do that I had to invoke “zypper install …” from command line.

thnks m8 :slight_smile:

Also do not forget that after zypper install and dependencies braking, somebody must run nero with su privileges so nero can find RW devices :wink:
(at least that happens to me under x86_64)
Its buggie up today… hope Nero understands that has to be back soon (already are late), with a FREE update to all of us registered users.

Good info. I’ll try forcing it but I’d rather not :frowning: Thanks for pointing out that about running it as root though! Now I’ll check on updates

I am installing it with the nodeps option rpm -Uvh nero4.rpm --nodeps with no problems, about nero finding the cdrw drive I add my user to the cdrom group, it is important that you read this too

[FIX] Multisession issue with Nero Linux 4 - Club MyCE](

Many of you experiences issues with Nero Linux 4 when continuing a multisession disc. Apparently, Nero Linux 4 is looking for some shared libs in the wrong folder, so, of course it is NEVER possible to continue a multisession disc.

This issue will of course be fixed in the next release (don’t ask for a date ), but you can use the following trick to make it work for now. As root,

- Go in /usr/lib/nero (/usr/lib64/nero for the 64-bit version)
- Once you are there, copy the files and to the /usr/lib (/usr/lib64 for the 64-bit version).

This should let you use the multisession features of Nero Linux 4.
Also remember to manually delete these 2 files before you uninstall or upgrade the nero linux package.