Dependency issues when trying to update using YAST.


I usually update TW once a month using YAST (Install/Remove Software). This time when I go to “Package” > “All Packages” > “Update if newer version available”. I get this:

If instead i choose “All Packages” > “Update Unconditionally”, only the one in the middle (libgcj-…) shows up. I searched the web, but didnt get anywhere. I dont know how to proceed. Please advice.

The entire system switched over to GCC7, tossing old GCC6 devel files is a-ok.

sudo zypper dup

from a command line should work better tbh.

or you could load software manager select the oss repository and click on switch packages to oss repo. this usually makes it easier

Thanks for the replies guys,

I’m switching packages to the OSS repo, like you mentioned jshand2015. It showed just the one in the middle (from 1st post). I’m taking your advice Miuku and selected:

  • de-installation of libgcj-devel-6.1.1.x86_64
  • de-installation of libgcj-devel-gcc6-6.3.1+r245113-1.5.x86_64

It’s downloading a lot, 15% done so far. I’ll update this thread with the results.