Dependency issue when removing kernek 3.7.5


When I rey to remove kernel-desktop 3.7.5, for some reason the system wants to INSTALL kernel-base 3.7.10, , kernel-devel 3.7.10 and some virtualbox, vmware and ndiswrapper dependencies. I have two working 3.8 kernels so I don;t need the 3.7 kernel anymore.

It seems to me this would be safe, but I want to make sure as this is my production system.

Here is a snpshot of the dialogue:

12.3 by default “keeps” 3 kernels
You may need to edit

Comment out multiversion kernel or edit it
multiversion.kernels = latest,latest-1,running

Checkout openSUSE 12.3: Start-Up

Ah, that makes sense!


you are welcome
Always keep more than one version of kernel incase something bad happens during upgrade