Dependency issue for an update

So i have a huge update to do . but i’m stuck in front of that question :
python3-pyside2-5.15.9 needs xxx15.9 ,
1 - keep osboletes dependencies
2-delete pyside
3- break dependencies by keeping pyside2-5.15.9
i think i will try the option number 3 (break dependencies and wair for the python3-pyside2-5.15.10 update, hoping it wont breake my os usage), since i can rollback i’m feeling like i should just try this

what do you think ?

Grab the version in my third post in this bug report. It should be in the main repo soon. I added that repo, made it’s priority 100, and installed the new package with sudo zypper install -f --from 1 python3-pyside2. Your repo number may not be “1”.


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the time to say thanks and it is on the oss repos allready . thanks