Dependency Hell!!!

Got a curly, twisty dependency problem;

 Problem: libyui-ncurses-pkg4- requires, but this requirement cannot be provided  uninstallable providers: libzypp-12.13.3-1.11.1.x86_64'openSUSE_Current_updates'_]
 Solution 1: Following actions will be done:
  keep obsolete yast2-pkg-bindings-2.23.1-1.1.1.x86_64
  keep obsolete yast2-samba-server-2.23.2-1.1.1.noarch
  keep obsolete yast2-samba-client-2.23.2-1.1.1.noarch
  keep obsolete yast2-runlevel-2.21.9-2.1.2.noarch
  keep obsolete yast2-restore-2.23.3-2.1.2.noarch
  keep obsolete yast2-proxy-2.22.1-4.1.2.noarch
  keep obsolete yast2-pam-2.23.1-1.1.1.noarch
  keep obsolete yast2-ntp-client-2.21.2-6.1.2.noarch
  keep obsolete yast2-nfs-client-2.21.9-2.1.2.noarch
  keep obsolete yast2-metapackage-handler-0.8.14-7.1.2.noarch
  keep obsolete yast2-ldap-client-2.23.2-2.1.2.noarch
  keep obsolete yast2-kerberos-client-2.23.3-2.1.2.noarch
  keep obsolete yast2-iscsi-client-2.23.4-1.1.1.noarch
  keep obsolete yast2-inetd-2.21.4-2.1.2.noarch
  keep obsolete yast2-backup-2.23.1-2.1.2.noarch
  keep obsolete yast2-packager-webpin-2.23.3-1.1.2.x86_64
  keep obsolete perl-XML-Twig-3.39-5.1.1.x86_64
  keep obsolete perl-XML-SAX-Base-1.08-5.1.1.noarch
  keep obsolete perl-URI-1.60-4.1.1.noarch
  keep obsolete perl-Image-ExifTool-9.01-3.1.1.noarch
  keep obsolete perl-HTML-Tagset-3.20-67.1.1.noarch
  keep obsolete perl-Digest-HMAC-1.03-14.1.1.noarch
  keep obsolete perl-Config-Crontab-1.33-5.1.1.noarch
  keep obsolete perl-Archive-Zip-1.30-22.1.1.noarch
 Solution 2: deinstallation of libyui-ncurses-pkg4-
 Solution 3: break libyui-ncurses-pkg4- by ignoring some of its dependencies


Choose Solution 2.

Apparently openSUSE-Current has been switched to 13.1 now which was officially released today.
But 13.1 does not contain libyui-ncurses-pkg4, it has libyui-ncurses-pkg5 instead.

openSUSE current updates (Index of /update/openSUSE-current) is still set to 12.3. One could manually add the 13.1 updates and temporarily disable the openSUSE current updates, or wait for the repo to sync.

Dependency hell indeed…I did a fresh install from 12.2 DISK and chaanged all of my repos to tumblewwed repos and did the dup thing and got THIS little chunk of dependency error nuggets that i’m not sure what to do with…

4 Problems:
Problem: nothing provides needed by libMagickCore5-
Problem: glibc-extra-2.17-4.7.1.i686 requires glibc = 2.17, but this requirement cannot be provided
Problem: glibc-locale-2.17-4.7.1.i686 requires glibc = 2.17, but this requirement cannot be provided
Problem: nscd-2.17-4.7.1.i686 requires glibc = 2.17, but this requirement cannot be provided

Problem: nothing provides needed by libMagickCore5-
 Solution 1: keep obsolete libMagickCore5-
 Solution 2: break libMagickCore5- by ignoring some of its dependencies


Ah, well. Great!

That explains the problem then.
The openSUSE current oss repo is already at 13.1. Mixing that with the 12.3 updates will of course bring dependency conflicts…

In that case the best thing to do is to disable the update repo for now (and maybe add the 13.1 one instead), like Thiudans proposed.

Not really. AFAIK the repo switching is neither automatic nor immediate, and therefore human error is possible. In my experience it can take some days, and the forum is usually the last place to receive any communication. So ‘Fools rush in …blah, blah’. It’s usually the enthusiastic but uninitiated that get the fallout. :wink:

One could argue that as it stands now, T’weed is not for those without package and repo management experience or maybe awareness, and that is business as usual for TW.

That is indeed bad luck, especially from a clean install. You can wait until the “Current” Update repos switch to 13.1 correctly, or disable both of them, and add the two 13.1 Update repos (for Oss and Non-oss). Then rerun your zypper dup, first using the dry run option -D. If uncertain, reply “no” or abort it.

That was meant ironically. Of course it’s not great. I should have added a smiley…

Apparently somebody changed the links for the standard oss and non-oss repos, but forgot about the update repos.:
Or maybe the first are changed automatically, but not the latter ones?

I knew you meant it so, but there is a large sector of world population that don’t get “irony”, rather like sarcasm. I could have put the smiley earlier in my post. I hope newer users to TW now see this is a particularly risky time for them to be pioneers.

Well-spotted and thanks for posting that.

The “Current” Update repos now seem to point to the correct 13.1 versions, so I am about to run a plain zypper dup…

Could be fun since I’ve been running btrfs and snapper on T’weed for a few months now.

Right, everything looks ok now.
So a “zypper dup” should (hopefully) successfully upgrade your system to 13.1 now.

But there’s still a problem with the Packman repo for Tumbleweed. Apparently those packages there are still built against 12.3, so you could get dependency conflicts if you’re using that.
In that case better wait with the upgrade.

Hopefully. However I’m getting a new dependency issue (no others) re LibreOffice and KDE (started a new thread for that), and none with packages from Packman for Tumbleweed (essential and multimedia enabled here). Will go ahead with those enabled, totalling six repos in all, to see what actually falls out when I test the apps. I can sort any problems later by zypper dup, but will post back with outcome.

Updates for Packman on TW were coming through until quite recently and were applied before today. All ok so far, and I didn’t see any of those packages being changed during the upgrade. Audio and Amarok works, and also the media players. Have tested vlc, smplayer, and kaffeine, all with video playback. BTW, Flash internet streaming is also fine.

On KDE, the HPLIP icon appeared in system tray, only after the upgrade, even though I don’t have one attached or configured. Odd, as it didn’t on 12.3 and earlier.

LibreOffice informed me that the configuration had changed and reminded me where to go to configure Java. That’s all good. Calc had no problem in opening .ods spreadsheets. Writer opened .odt files, displayed content quickly but the cursor bounced for rather a long time. Will test more later.

Snapper with Btrfs had gobbled up another 5.5 GiB used for the filesystem, by the end of the upgrade. However that’s the biggest update since installing 12.3 and upgrading it to T’weed. It may reduce after tonight’s cleanup, but I won’t hold my breath.

So far I haven’t found any serious issues.

Of course they work, if you keep some old libraries from 12.3. But that may not be possible in every case because of conflicts.
And you must have had them installed in the first place of course.

An example:
VLC needs libmatroska. 12.3 has libmatroska5, 13.1 only libmatroska6.
If you installed the VLC compiled for 12.3 it will still require libmatroska5.
So you can only install it if you still have the old libmatroska5 on your system, because it’s not available in any repo.

Try to uninstall libmatroska5 (should be marked as red in YaST because it’s not available anywhere) and you’ll see.

On KDE, the HPLIP icon appeared in system tray, only after the upgrade, even though I don’t have one attached or configured. Odd, as it didn’t on 12.3 and earlier.

I had that as well. Just uninstall hplip and the icon is gone.

Of course, but I decided to proceed mainly because there were no dependency conflicts, and no reason to wait for Packman to sort there stuff out. Had there been conflicts, I might have waited. :wink:

It will get upgraded soon - just like a regular update. This is Tumbleweed, and users of it are expected to be able to sort the fallout from mixing it with “unsupported” repos such as Packman. Otherwise the safest way to proceed is to disable Packman, do the dup, and then some multimedia will be possible, while waiting to do a subsequent dup when Packman’s 13.1 builds complete.

I had that as well. Just uninstall hplip and the icon is gone.

It quit ok when asked, but I will remove it completely.

It will be back on your next login IIRC…

I expected as much and it did just that, so I removed hplip from the system. :slight_smile:

Well, I guess this could be regarded as bug in the autostart file (/etc/xdg/autostart/hplip-systray.desktop).
It runs hp-systray with the “-x” option:

  Startup even if no hplip CUPS queues are present: -x or --force-startup                                            

Not sure about being a bug. Hmm, hplip is definitely not installed by default on my 13.1 in a VM so no systray icon. On same h/w, but real 12.3 → T’weed → 13.1, could have been installed as default by 12.3 and if so, there was no hp-systray/icon present or available then. I could check the zypp history for 12.3’s hplip installation…

Probably not a bug if hplip-systray only gets installed by default when h/w requires hplip, or to upgrade previously installed hplip. :\

Yes, my 12.3 installed hplip by default (same h/w, no printer). With no systray icon then, I wouldn’t have noticed. :wink: