Dependency hell

Ok, just a general Linux question maybe but… how do I solve dependency errors / missing packages ?

I’m trying to install a game launcher called OpenMW (open Morrowind - see
There is a 1-click install available for Tumbleweed.
When I try to install this it gives me “nothing provides” error even though all repo’s are enabled through the 1-click install file itself.

Is it just a package that’s gone missing in the repo’s or a problem with the way openmw was built or…?


Tumbleweed and Leap are not (in most case, eg some noarch) compatible…

I see from the project page it’s currently blocked to build for Leap, so keep and eye here and when it finishes building you should be good to go;

perhaps you need 32 bit version? also the Instllshield cab files may be proprietary. Or maybe no one has bothered porting

Well some progress now it seems; I see the build results for Leap 64bit has status ‘succeeded’.
However I still can’t find the openmw package in the games repo after refresh… I’ll wait a bit longer I guess.