dependencies for installing NVIDIA drivers "the hard way"

I’d like to clean up the dependencies here:

The currently suggested patterns are heavy for installing one driver.
This is mainly because devel_kernel includes kernel-source (547M).

I added the old suggestion of gcc, make and kernel-devel;
can anyone confirm if this is sufficient?

An older version noted:

For earlier versions then kernel-source may be required, however kernel-devel is sufficient when installing on openSUSE 11.4 and should be sufficient on other systems as well.

libglvnd-devel does not even exist with Leap 42.3 – and installation works without it.
What is this?

Vendor neutral graphics libraries provided by libglvnd (/usr/lib/, /usr/lib/, and /usr/lib/; these libraries are currently used to provide full OpenGL dispatching support to NVIDIA’s implementation of EGL.


If none of the lines seem to correspond to a source package, then you will probably need to install it. If the versions listed mismatch (e.g., kernel-2.6.15-7 vs. kernel-devel-2.6.15-10), then you will need to update the kernel-devel package to match the installed kernel. If you have multiple kernels installed, you need to install the kernel-devel package that corresponds to your running kernel (or make sure your installed source package matches the running kernel).


When the installer is run, it will check your system for the required kernel sources and compile the kernel interface. You must have the source code for your kernel installed for compilation to work. On most systems, this means that you will need to locate and install the correct kernel-source, kernel-headers, or kernel-devel package; on some distributions, no additional packages are required.


But interestingly there is --add-this-kernel

This will unpack, compile a kernel interface layer for the currently running kernel (use the --kernel-source-path and --kernel-output-path options to specify a target kernel other than the currently running one), and create a new installer package with the kernel interface layer added.

…will be able to install the NVIDIA kernel module without needing to have the kernel development headers or a compiler installed…