demuxing DTV record with projectx (or other soft)

Hello :slight_smile:

I just buy a cheap Belson TV with recording feature on USB. I get a “ts” file, as usual. and as usual, the sound is not in sync, due to frames dropped.

Last time I did so (with other hardware), I simply played the movie throuh an other recorder to get the mpg file, but now I can’t anymore.

So I try to find a good “ts” editor (I have a lot of unusefull video before and after the movie). Avidemux edits but do not fix the lost images/out of sync sound.

The tools mostly advertised for this use is “projectx”. I have it on my openSUSE 11.3, but I fail to make it work :-(.

I find no manual, except a very old (2004) one in english, and I don’t read german :-(.

Do you know of any english manual uptodate and understandable. projectx runs, but no of the files I get is readable by vlc or mplayer.


by the way if somebody can explain to me where projectx store its config, I would like to reset it, but dont find any data in my home

Well i can’t help you, but I use avidemux to convert from TS to MP4 (for the blackberry) or to MPEG (for DVD).

Often, but not always there’s a constant (through the movie) 1 second audio out of sync. So when it happens I re-encode telling Avidemux to apply a 1 second correction to the audio and it gets in sync.

Under the “Audio” section, there’s a thick box called “shift”.

Bye, bye.