Demon Typers

Will be able to see who is viewing a forum/online users or have I missed it some where?

There’s a few demon typists that I for one avoid :wink: Knowing they will be likely to be helping if viewing.

Check out Quick Links (along Top menu)>Who’s Online.

Not got it MattB they keep it for you special ones.

Just have

Todays Posts
Mark Forums Read
User Control Panel
Edit Sig
Edit Opt
Subscribed Threads

Damn Edit :wink:

I also no longer get them at the bottom when viewing a forum.

I don’t see it, maybe it’s only available to moderators?

Sorry, must be that. I know there was a Discussion by Kgroneman about turning the view members off due to the large amount of members that the combined Forum would have. He felt that it could be better to just use the “Who’s online” feature rather than slow the rendering of a Thread. Sounds like another thing to discuss if it is not available to all members.

23 members and 45 guests as off this edit

It very well could be. A lot of us are getting our feet wet with vBulletin for the first time (at least from a staff perspective). :slight_smile:

It was turned off for Registered Users. I just turned it back on. Beineri, FeatherMonkey, try it now.

Like Keith said, moving things around, changing settings on a new installation, etc. there are bound to be some overlooked and/or mistakenly changed settings. When we moved to the live box, before the launch, I had to globally change a number of user settings to prevent normal users from accessing the box until it was ready for prime time. Bear with us while we work the kinks out of the system and keep those complaints rolling in so we can fix them! :slight_smile:

Oh…and FYI it’s the “Who’s Online” link under the “Quicklinks” tab.

Thanks KG!

Thanks FG its back.

Guess having it at the bottom isn’t possible like you mods? Found it useful guess it can still be achieved by using who’s online any way.

KG even

Did I say this no edit is terrible.

I have to agree - especially with a banana fingers like myself who makes a lot of mistakes. :slight_smile:

yeah we definitely need an option to be able to edit our posts :confused:

Edit was quite a topic of discussion in the talks leading up to the merge with wildly varying opinions of the staff. We haven’t come to a total conclusion on it yet but we’re very close to an agreement. What it looks like will be the policy (don’t quote me until it is) is that we won’t allow users to edit their posts but will leave that up to Moderators. If a user thinks their post is bad enough to need an edit, he/she/it can always delete the post and repost or ask a moderator to make an edit.

The reason for this is that a technical post could have a lot of good replies to the content of that post. If a user decides to edit the post, it could totally change the context and invalidate any reply it has received. Joe User comes along and reads the post and the replies and tries the advice given only to find he’s just blow away critical data. I know, that’s an extreme example but you can see what I mean.

One other factor in this is that though a post is edited here in the web interface, edits don’t go through the gateway to the NNTP interface so you’d have two copies of the same message with different content.

We should have an official policy on this before long.