deltaflyer link broken in sticky?

I note the link

that the venerable deltaflyer cites in post #6 (n his sticky) is not active: whether temporary or permanent I know not;

? if anyone till 11.2 arrives; wants to download b43xx_firmware, then they will likely not succeed on this link

Maybe it is time to link the easiest “offline” way (which is also an easier “online” way as adding Packman to your repos is a “must do” anyway).

PackMan :: Informationen zum Paket b43-firmware

PackMan :: Informationen zum Paket b43legacy-firmware

Or simply link to the wiki:

HCL/Network Adapters (Wireless)/Broadcom BCM43xx - openSUSE


The link you posted works fine for me, so maybe the problem is on your end of the connection.

Works for me ATM

yes this now works here: gremlin day today