I haven’t used the deltas for so long i forgot the command to use them!

Can anyone jog my memory?




usage: applydeltaiso <oldiso> <deltaiso> <newiso>

Thanks, you just saved me a lot of downloading!


I found these instructions for using delta iso files to update a dvd:

applydeltaiso /dev/hdc

Here’s what I did with the openSUSE dvd I have for Beta 2, which is labeled SU.001 when I open it with Dolphin:

applydeltaiso /dev/sr0
> openSUSE-11.1_RC1

No such file or directory

What did I do wrong?

As You can see the name of the Delta iso it’s Beta5_RC1. From which version is it updating what’s Your best guess>:)??

Download Help - openSUSE

applydeltaiso SUSE-10.0-CD-OSS-i386-Beta1-CD1.iso

I cheat:
In a file manager right click the 1st iso & select properties
copy the name presented and past it in the terminal using the above as a guide.
Repeat with the 2nd & so on.

Ta Da;)