Dell XPS 15 and Nvidia Bug

am sorry for that dumb question, but why there is always a link to Nvidia 525M driver for linux to download, even when installing it causes system to not load, new users should know that? or do they make a big problem to know?
will Nouveau driver support the nvidia driver? beause it shows me that i’ve an Nvidia card, but dont use it (dident install the driver yet, because i dont want to break the laptop).
how to i do?
do i install bumblebee? :shame:

Welcome to the forums abdelouahab. I think your XPS 15 comes with NVIDIA Optimus graphics.

do i install bumblebee?


Start by reading this guide:

Hopefully, that will be enough to get you up and running. If not, post again.

thank you :slight_smile:
hope it will be updated to 12.2 and the latest nvidia driver.
by the way, will the datashow (have not at the moment one) work if i use only the Intel driver (mean; if i let everything as it is with the defaut installation of opensuse, will the Intel load the datashow)?