DELL XPS 15 9560 laptop compatibility

Does anyone have information on whether the DELL XPS 15 9560 runs openSUSE well? I am planning on getting one so I was wondering if it is a good idea, since google is riddled with ubuntu, arch and fedora issues with this machine…

Were you able to installed it on your xps? I get the same model and wondering if there is any issue I should be aware of?

I am trying to using my Tumbleweed installation drive from my other laptop on the new bought xps 9560. Yet it has boot issue which hasn’t been solved.

I have another TW installation (UEFI secure boot enabled) on an external SSD drive, xps 15 does not recognize the drive at all unless I turn on BIOS legacy support.

Yet it couldn’t boot despite recognizing the drive now.

What I am guessing is that I need to rebuild the grub to legacy mode to let it boot. But I haven’t tried yet.

So I have two suse that can’t boot right now. But my setup is a bit unusual so it’s hard to say.