Dell XF86AudioMedia button won't work

Before I upgraded to Suse 11.0 from 10.3 my XF86AudioMedia button worked perfectly and I used it to bind a function to that key. Now after the upgrade, it no longer works/or is recognized. I went into terminal and ran “xev”. The key press is not detected. I went into /var/log/messages and saw the message to use set keycodes e012 <key code>. I then looked at the XKeysymDB file and saw the XF86AudioMedia button listed there as keysym 1008FF32. I also went into terminal and ran xmodmap -pk and got this result for the XF86AudioMedia button>>>> Key code 237 / KeySym 0x1008ff32. I then went to enter the “setkeycodes e012 237” command. I then went back to “xev”, and tested it. The button now triggered and displayed the key code of 247!!! Why a different code than I entered? Besides that, it did not have the keysym ID or name listed so I could not bind the key. Who knows how to correct the situation? Thanks