Dell with KDE 4.6: Keyboard Portuguese Layout does not type "/" carachter


I use KDE since 4.4 so far with minor bugs, now on latest version my keyboard recuse to type the backslash ‘/’ using Portuguese- Brazilian Layout, but the interrogation carachter ‘?’ type fine…strange it works on 4.5, 4.4 and Gnome 2, but updating to KDE 4.6 its stopped working…

What can I do to keep my keyboard working?..thanks!!

PS: I already set to Country:Brazil and Languages Portuguese and US, and in Yast/Languages Portuguese and US are set to default and secondary languages…

Try a different user it may be a user level config file problem since you have moved though various versions

I hope not it will be a huge annoyance!!

Thanks…correctly answered by you, but I will wait the new openSUSE in march to correct and set all desktop again…thanks again!!rotfl!

If it works with another user it means a config file is messed up. Now I admit I don’t know which but maybe someone else does.

I find out what mess I have done, I assigned the backslash to show the widget dashboard so I was invoking the widget instead of type the backslash characters…

Thanks for the attention!!