DELL Wireless 5520

Has anyone managed to get the Dell Wireless 5520 3g HSDPA Mini cards working under SUSE 11.1?

I cannot seem to find it anywhere under the hardware list.

I am a complete Novice when it comes to installing drivers and kernals and the like, so any step by step instructions would be greatly appreciated.

michaelhudston wrote:
> any step by step instructions would be greatly appreciated.

-=welcome=- to the openSUSE forum first time poster here!

the details you seek are probably in one or more of the three ‘sticky’
messages in the WIRELESS forum, and if they don’t get you going then
use our advanced search to see if you can find the secrets, if not
report your error messages and etc in the wireless forum, where these
are found:

  1. Getting Your Wireless to Work

  2. My wireless doesn’t work - a primer on what I should do next

  3. Welcome (includes the details we need in order to help you)

again, -=welcome=-


I did do a search under the Forums, but it found nothing that pointed me in the right direction. Also the generic wireless stickys are good for Wireless LAN, but do not appear to offer anything in the way of 3G Card help.

As for error messages, I don’t get any as it is not detecting the hardware. I know the hardware is working as I am on a dual boot system, and it works under windoze.

I am still no further to understanding what is going on. I did have it working in the past, but having replaced the hard drive and having to do a complete re-install, I cannot remember how I got it working.