dell wireless 1397 wlan mini-card

hello, please help me, I don’t know how install my wireless card…
in Yast, i see it, but I can not configure it… I configure with ndiswrapper, but it’s not work :-(((
please can someone, tell me what to do step by step.
thank you:’(

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It’s show and Kernel Driver and everything in YAST, but not in ip link or iwconfig … it’s show only LO interface doesn’t support scanning
and eth0 interface doesn’t support scanning

but in yast it look like Active : YES

I tried to activate it with NDISWRAPPER and it active too… but nothing change… Not in Kinternet not in standart network manager… it’s inactive… I don’t know what to do :frowning:

Insufficient information.

Reread the sticky thread, especially the last post.

The actual chipset BCM4312 that works with the broadcom-wl driver from

It can also work with ndiswrapper but getting the right drivers for that is
a pain, just stick with broadcom-wl.

Make sure you remove any ndiswrapper stuff you were trying, to ensure that
the wl driver has a good chance to work.