DELL Vostro 3335 ventilator continously run, and touchpad does not work as mouse - OpenSuse12.1


I would like to ask you which setting should I in OpenSuse12.1 to:

lower the CPU temperature from 59degC which causes my ventilator works all the time. The CPU consumption is ~3% and there is no activity.
I did the same test for Windows 7 installed in the same machine and the temperature is about 53 degC and everything is ok - the ventilator starts only occassinaly for a moment in time and has been working flawlessly for months. Is there any patch available to fix the issue?

The second question is related to the unfonctional touchpad - it can move the coursor but does not accept the clicking command as a mouse. Do you have any clue for that as well?

Any help is welcome, thank you in advance for your time :wink: