Dell T3400 and Opensuse install problem

Hi, there. :slight_smile:

I want to install opensuse in my workstation(DELL T3400). But It’s very very hard to me.:’(

  1. I inserted opensuse cd1 and reboot.
  2. I select “install” button.
  3. I received the message “insert cd1” and “make sure your cd-drive…” ( you know, it can’t recognize cd-drive, now… )
  4. I tried to find driver(cdrom), but there isn’t. (generic driver is not running…)

How do I install opensuse in Dell T3400?
thank you.

T3400( Dell Precision T3400 Workstation )

It can’t recognize your CD, not your CD drive (which is quite different). That may be due to a bad ISO image (check the md5 checksum) or a bad burn. If you indeed suspect your CD drive is not being seen, you should just enter your BIOS at boot (by pressing DEL or something similar): all your recognized hard and optical drives should be listed on the first page.