Dell Studio 1735 laptop fails openSUSE 11.4 install

Hi All;

My Dell Studio 1735 laptop fails to install openSUSE 11.4 install from DVD. The installation tells me it failed to install “kernel.desktop” then grub only has a Floppy entry. When I boot to Recover System /boot has no initrd or kernels.

Any suggestions you have are appreciated,
Dale E. Moore

Did you verify this

Hi caf4926;

>>> Linuxrc v3.5.10 (Kernel <<<
openSUSE-DVD-i586-Build0024-Media, DVD1

Error reading sector 430496.
This DVD is broken.

I’ll burn another one and give her a try!

Burn slow
Use quality optical media

And she works PERFECTLY now; thanks ever so much!

Pleased to hear it