Dell precision 4400 Quadro FX 770M - black screen using NVIDIA proprietary drivers

I’ve been banging my head for 4 days on this.

Just got a new Dell Dimension 4400 laptop. It has a Quadro FX 770M chipset. I’ve installed Suse 11.2 (10 times actually at this point). Regardless of whether i install drivers from nvidia site or from repo, when X starts I get a black screen.

My Xorg.0.log file does not report any errors when X starts. An X seesm to run normally (I can hear the KDE startup sound). However, my monitor simply goes into power save mode. I can CTRL+ALT+F1 to access console and run rcxdm to shut X down.

Results are the same whether I allow nvidia driver to create an xorg.conf or not (by default there is no xorg.conf since i’m running 11.2).

Everything works fine using the nv driver, or vesa driver. However, I want to use dual monitors so I need the nvidia driver.

FWIW, I also tried the nouveau driver, but xorg complains about an ABI major version mismatch.

So, any thoughts on what to try? Anyone with same video chipset have an xorg.conf I cna try?

Forgot to mention. Tried using SAX:

sax2 -r -m 0=nvidia

^ This results in same issue as starting X normally. I can watc the sax.log file grow listing thousands of display modes…then it just stops. It appears sax is acutally running, but my video card stops sending a signal and my screen goes to sleep.

If i run sax with nv, vesa or fb i’m fine…but the dual head option is greyed out in these modes =)

Did you read this post to brush up on theory? - openSUSE Graphic Card Practical Theory Guide for Users - openSUSE Forums … it won’t give any magic solutions, but it will bring you up to speed.

For the proprietary nvidia driver, I NEVER use sax2. Instead I remove my /etc/X11/xorg.conf (actually I put it somewhere else as a backup) and I run “nvidia-xconfig” .

Note that MUST be run from run level 3 and NOT from a konsole window.

How experienced are you with the proprietary driver installation? Have you done this dozens of times? or is this one of your first few times.

There are a few different ways to install the proprietary driver. Which one did you follow? Specifics please. :slight_smile:

I do not think the noveau driver is the correct approach, but reference the ABI error, you could with the noveau driver boot to run level 3 and try:

startx --ignoreABI

Note that the “nouveau” driver is NOT compatible with the nVidia proprietary driver. Take a look at this thread: Building/installing nVidia Proprietary Video Driver in MS7 - openSUSE Forums … so to repeat …

To blacklist with root permissions type:

echo "blacklist nouveau" >> /etc/modprobe.d/50-blacklist.conf

or simply REMOVE the nouveau rpm.

I read one should also add to kernel command in grub:


… but I have not done that.

References for the above are mostly 11.3 milestone related, and I am not confident as to their 11.2 applicabilty: Re: [opensuse-factory]openSUSE mailing list 5th post: Keeping nouveau installed like nv …

There was also a mailing list view that

the blacklisting during system start and excluding it from initrd will likely be part of the nvidia RPMs for openSUSE 11.3, which won’t be available before 11.3 has been released: Re: [opensuse-factory]Mailing list 7th post: Keeping nouveau installed like nv …

But that was also followed up with a comment that:

Well, currently nouveau kernel module isn’t loaded via initrd yet - due to Bug #595570. So that’s not the problem. But then you probably still need to blacklist it via modprobe.d to prevent udev from loading it during system start. The blacklisting during system start and excluding it from initrd will likely be part of the nvidia RPMs for openSUSE 11.3, which won’t be available before 11.3 has been released. But as usual you can play already now with the package sources in obs://X11:Drivers:Video/nvidia-gfxG02. Re: [opensuse-factory] Mailing List - Keeping nouveau installed like nv …