Dell Latitude D Series Media Bay swapping issue openSUSE 12.3


I just noticed a regression with openSUSE 12.3. It appears that I can no longer hot-swap the removable media bay device in my computer and expect whatever I place in it to work. It used to be I could swap between the floppy, DVD-RW or second battery device without problems. I only noticed this as an issue when I went from using my secondary battery to the DVD-RW and it would not register, I could not kick open the tray with

eject -r
umount: /var/run/media/wolfnf/UDF Volume: umount failed: Operation not permitted
eject: unmount of `/dev/sr0' failed

I checked the messages and saw this:

2013-04-19T19:40:33.928060-04:00 Daedalus kernel: [87179.678382] ACPI: \_SB_.PCI0.IDE1.PRI_.MAST - undocking
2013-04-19T19:40:33.932304-04:00 Daedalus kernel: [87179.684224] ACPI: \_SB_.PCI0.IDE1.PRI_.MAST - docking
2013-04-19T19:40:33.932318-04:00 Daedalus kernel: [87179.684648] ACPI: Unable to dock!
2013-04-19T19:40:43.312302-04:00 Daedalus kernel: [87189.064338] ACPI: \_SB_.PCI0.IDE1.PRI_.MAST - docking

I have swapped out the media bay in previous versions without problems. I have no issues with this system going into sleep mode and waking up.

The only work around to allow my DVD-RW or floppy drive to work is to put my computer into sleep mode and wake it again, or, of course, a reboot.

Any ideas?

So, if you find no solution, I would consider making a bug report in Novell Bugzilla here:

May I also suggest you give a new kernel a try as well to see if it is related to kernel 3.7 as you can install the latest 3.8 tonight if you want to try it: openSUSE and Installing New Linux Kernel Versions - Blogs - openSUSE Forums

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I may try the new kernel, just to try it but I think I have found some kind of solution. I, just for kicks, thought I would add my the groups “cdrom” and “floppy” to my user ID and it looks like it is working normally again. I have removed and re-inserted the DVD-RW several times and it is seemingly working just fine. I did have to eject the disc if I left the disc in the drive when inserting it but other than that, it is working tip-top.

Should I still report this as a bug?

Thanks for the support!

So it seems we come up assigned to no groups and I routinely make these choices though I have not tracked down the problem they cause. We heard that not being a member of the video group can cause problems with the nVIDIA video driver. You might look to see if a bug report on groups not being set extends past the missing video group.

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