Dell Inspiron 15r wifi not working but has working bluetooth

Ok, so im confused with this. I just installed opensuse. This laptop had ubuntu running great. The wifi worked great, no issues. Under yast hardware info it says for my wireless lan “Intel WLAN Controller” driver is iwlwifi. As far as the hardware info is concerned it seems to me that the wifi should be working fine. Next, when i click the area to show hidden icons on the bottom panel, and click Network Management, it says i need to start network manager. So i click the checkbox for “Enable networking” and nothing happens.

Also, quick question what is the opensuse version of sudo apt-get … ?

Side note, it’s kind of funny. Here i am back with SuSe after 10 years. I bought SuSe in the store and then a little bit later i discover Ubuntu and make the switch, now i’m switching back. lol

Hello and welcome here.

We allways like to know what version of openSUSE you are talking about. It could be 12.3 because that is the most recent released version, but you better confirm this. Same for the desktop used. Please allways tell which desktop environment you use (you use one because you talk about icons).

There is no apt-get in openSUSE. openSUSE uses RPMs for software packages. YaST is the system management tool that has entries for managing software. Or you can use zypper as CLI tool.

12.3 with KDE

So i cant install applcations from command line? like fedora has sudo yum install/uninstall … debian has sudo apt-get install/uninstall

That is not what I said. You can install from the CLI using zypper. See

man zypper