Dell Inspiron 1525: Power Button Does Not Shut Down

Hi everyone. :slight_smile:

Just got OpenSUSE 11.4_KDE installed on my new-to-me Dell Inspiron 1525. So far, seems things are working pretty well. One thing, though, is when booted, if I press the power button, the plasma desktop will freeze for about 10 seconds (will not respond when things are clicked on, but I can move the mouse), and then it will resume as though nothing happened. I’d like the power button to shut the laptop down, no questions asked. I’m not sure why it freezes for a few seconds, but it definitely does not shut down, sleep, hibernate, or display a shutdown-menu of any kind.

Any clues?

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

Please clarify - have you tried to configure the power button yet? (via System Settings>> Power Management>>Power Profiles)

You know what? I thought I configured it, but turns out I only configured it for the Aggressive Powersave profile! LOL! It’s now configured and working, although it does take a few seconds before the OS responds to the button push, but it does indeed shutdown with the button now.

Many thanks! :smiley:

Glad you’ve got it working. Thanks for the update. :slight_smile: