Dell e1505 wont power off after shutdown. SOLVED

Since June of last year Under normal operation I had a hard time keeping Dell e1505 laptop turned off.After doing a shutdown.
I did all kinds of tweaks I could, no go. Forums did not seem to help as NO one seem to have this issue. Even Dell forums no aid.
How annoying it would be to turn your machine off and with-in 3 seconds to hour its comes right back on.

So Im left using the laptop with out its battery and pulling the powercord after doing shutdowns

By accident more less during a download of some software I was trying out. One of the deppendices was needing the Linux

So on a whim I boot up with it… And did a shutdown. To my amazement it never came back on after shutdown.
So after a week of crossing fingers it has been working as a normal laptop should I can now use it with a battery again.

But I notice that if I use the Linux i686
The same ordeal as always.
Needless to say the Desktop mode is now my default

Dell e1505
4.1.3 (KDE 4.1.3) “release 4.10.4”