Dell D830 Latitude graphics driver not working

after suse 10.2 installation suse unable to fix the VGA device. It is giving me 800x600 resolution which is very much weird.

From hardware information:

Hardware Class: graphics card
Model: Dell VGA compatiable controller
Vendor: pci 0x10de “nvidia Corporation”
Driver Info#0:
Driver Status: nvidiafb is not active
Driver Activation Cmd: “modprobe nvidiafb”
Config Status: cfg=no, avail=yes, need=no, active=unknown

it did run modprobe nvidiafb as root could not see any difference.

If anyone can help, let me know if you need xorg.conf file.

No Worries,

if you have same problem, remeber some nvidia driver works for more than one card and if you tries to find the driver from the list on nvidia wesite then just forget about it. google it, you will get the link to nvidia website directly.

like this one:

Linux x64 (AMD64/EM64T)

Thanks if any one read the first post it.

You’re on the wrong way. Please look for the NVIDIA Howto on

do you mean this ?

sorry i did get what exactly you meant here, i installed the listed driver and it worked fine the HOW TO guide give the details of 10.3 and 11.x and 10.1… but i have(in fact i had) a stand alone laptop without Internet connection and the only way to do that was to download driver and install it manually bot by one click thingy.

i recommend visit that link and that link has my graphics card in the list. i can not see where i went wrong as i installed properly using the correct instruction and it did work and i had best resolution on the laptop.

can you briefly explain what was wrong in that ?

though i read this bit as well before installing