Dell Color Printer C1760nw

Trying to install Dell network laser printer C1760nw in tumbleweed. I have read that the nearest driver is Xerox Phaser 6000B which I have downloaded but I can’t figure out how to install it. One download has an rpm, the other a ppd. I tried the ppd through printer install but it failed.

Maybe this one:

Can’t get it to accept the ppd. Anything I can do with the rpm?

Did you try installing the rpm yet? Can you point us to the page where you downloaded it from?

I don’t know how to install the rpm. I downloaded it from the Xerox site.

Locate the downloaded file, right-click on it and you should have the option to install with a package manager. If you feel comfortable doing so, you can also do this with zypper eg

sudo zypper in /path/to/the/file.rpm

In the command line getting no provider of xerox etc. found.

Can you please copy/paste the exact output here? Also, please be sure to enclose it within

[/COD.] tags (refer to the '#' button in the advanced editor).
# sudo zypper in /rpm_1.01_20110222
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...
'/rpm_1.01_20110222' not found in package names. Trying capabilities.
No provider of '/rpm_1.01_20110222' found.
Resolving package dependencies...

Nothing to do.
linux~ #
  1. Why do you use sudo when you are root?

  2. When I see this:

linux~ #

That means, you are in the home of root.
I have downloaded the zip to my Users Download directory, extracted the zip and there is a new directory rpm_1.01_20110222 there.
All I have to do is:

linux64:~ # zypper in /home/USERNAME/Downloads/rpm_1.01_20110222/Xerox-Phaser_6000_6010-1.0-1.i686.rpm

That means, the extracted rpm is in the directory /home/USERNAME/Downloads/rpm_1.01_20110222/.
Replace USERNAME with your Username, when you have downloaded the zip as User.

You can use the tab-completion to go to the directory…

Thanks for that, extracted successfully. Unfortunately when I go to cups23b4 (which the solution suggests) I get the error forbidden. Apparently the solution is to add my user name to ladmin but when I try it doesn’t exist.

Did you get the RPM installed now? I don’t know what you mean by cups23b4, but it should be possible for you to configure CUPS via it’s built-in web interface. Open a browser and enter the following URL: localhost:631/admin

Click on ‘Add Printer’ and enter your root credentials when prompted. Follow the instructions given.

Yes rpm installed. It’s the cups web interface and I get
Add Printer Add Printer Error Unable to add printer:

If you klick on “add Printer” there should be opened an small windows asking for root password.
Maybe this window is not in foreground???

Yes, logged in as root, error still there.