Dell 5770 New install of Tumbleweed, no sound, overheating, can't add printer

I have a Dell 5770 which has had Ubuntu, Mangaro, KDE Neon, Fedora Kinoite all installed and working well over the last year or so.

I wanted to try Tumbleweed and so far I have had these issues:

  1. No sound from laptop
  2. Fans constantly on and laptop powers down as too hot
  3. Won’t detect my HP network printer

I didn’t have these issues with the other distros.

I am suspecting the sound issue is a driver one but can’t figure out how to resolve. Sound works when I plug into a dock and use headphones.

The overheating is the most concerning.

I want to persevere with Tumblweed as I like the idea of rolling back updates. I want to move away from Neon as updates frequently break things I need to work.

How do I fix these issues?

Welcome to openSUSE Forums. You have listed three different problems, and you’re best advised to create a different topic for each. I am sure they can all be solved in their own right.

thanks - I will make three new posts.