Deleting the evil sticky notes from toolbar

The problem with this is not that it cannot be deleted. The problem is that the method for its removal is so obtuse and obscure that you have to re-learn the technique when it happens to you. It happened to me. Again. I forgot what I learned the last time. I googled and got to
Except, of course, KDE has improved its interface so that is now obsolete. By “improving” I do not really mean that they made it obvious. Just different. The three horizontal bars does not lead me to the sticky note widget. I guess they like making sticky notes really, really sticky. :frowning:

KDE 5.5.5

In another forum:

You put your cursor on the widget and hold down the left mouse button for a long time and a little bar appears on the side of the widget which if you click on the red X will get rid of it.

By “long time” the author does mean “way longer than you would expect”.

Stupid question addressed to the ether: why isn’t it associated with a right click?

I’ve never used the sticky note widget, so I had to search for it and and add it first. I’m using openSUSE 42.3 (with KDE Plasma 5.87). Removing it again was a simple process - click on the widget menu button so the slide out menu exposed and with cursor over the sticky widget, right-click to remove it or via the little red ‘X’ that appears. Described here as well…

You don’t have to use the widget. If you accidentally paste something to your desktop, it will show up in a sticky note.

You mean with folder view?

That turns out to not be relevant.

I selected some text with mouse. Then I middle-click on my disktop (outside of any window). And that creates a sticky note with that text. It happens using “Desktop containment” layout. It happens use “Folder view” layout.

And it is something that you can easily do by accident.

All I know is that my desktop is empty and widgets locked. I don’t use folder view, and I couldn’t replicate it the way you describe.


I did have to middle-click twice before the sticky note showed up.

Apparently, locking widgets does prevent that from happening.

Apparently, I need to learn how to lock my widgets, whatever that means. I got into the mess by middle clicking my desktop and not realizing it and not knowing how to deal with it. Thank you for the lock widgets hint.

Right click the desktop select lock/unlock widgets