Deleting Lines in the Startup Menu


I am using SUSE Linux 11.1 in a VMware Workstation for Windows XP, and I have the following question: SUSE Linux 11.1 comes with an open version of VMware Tools (improved graphics, access to Windows file system etc.); however the access to the Windows file system in my case does not work. Therefore, I decided to use VMware’s proprietary VMware Tools. This works, but there is a small problem in that when I uninstalled open VMware Tools, the installer automatically installed a different kernel, which I do not use. Now I have about five kernel versions listed on my startup menu, and I would like to get rid of some. How can I remove a line from the startup menu, and delete the corresponding kernel version?



Either edit /boot/grub/menu.lst or use Yast>system>boot loader to remove the unwanted items.
Make sure you save a copy.

Thanks a lot! Regards, bostjanv