deleting ldap entry

I want to delete an ldap entry, that was a machine that doesn`t exist in the domain any more, the DN in uid=SIENIC-01$,ou=Machines,dc=sienic,dc=local

I have deleted the account from yast-users and using the command pdbedit -x SIENIC-01$ but it is still present in the ldap DIT, I can see it with the ldap browser.

I was trying with the ldapdelete command but I am a little confuse with its use.


Many of the options to ldapdelete have to do with how you bind to the directory. Posting that here would be dangerous, so I highly recommend reading the man page for ldapdelete to get a feel for what the options do.

The commandline ldap* utilities are cumbersome for most simple operations, a gui is much nicer (except for bulk stuff). I’ve found luma to be one of the better ones.

No problem about security, this is a virtual test network, all the names and configurations are fictitious, I am learning how to do all this, this command did the trick.

ldapdelete -x -D “cn=administrator,dc=sienic,dc=local” -W “uid=SIENIC-01$,ou=Machines,dc=sienic,dc=local”
Enter LDAP Password:

I will check Luma to see how it works.


Check out Apache Directory Studio,excellent LDAP utility. Made my life so much easier! lol!