deleting large files

I’ve noticed in Opensuse 11 since installing that when deleting large files from my USB drive (such as movies 700+ MB) that it takes quite a long time to delete the file.
Never took this long in 10.3

Using KDE 4 if that makes any difference.

I suspect it’s making a backup in a Trash directory. I don’t know if/how you can turn this off; I usually use the CLI. Try an experiment: delete from the CLI. If that’s fast, then the backup is the reason.

When I delete from my usb drive with a GUI like Konqueror, I get it transferred physically to my IDE drive which holds the so-called deleted file in trash folder. The usb-storage is for large files like partition images so you can imagine what a drag deleting one of those would be.

I almost always use ken_yap’s recommended method for large files. Check out “man rm”.


using the rm command in konsole is very speedy.

Interested to find out if there is a setting to change so that it is speedy using the kde gui though.

Like I said - using kde3 10.3 was speedy - using kde4 11.0 slow.
Wonder where the setting to stop the backup is.

Hold shift then delete in GUI should do it, but carefully, no recovery if you include the wrong files.

Either go with FeatherMonkey or/and you can add a “delete” button to your browser/file manager Konqueror menu bar, that also deletes without moving a backup copy to /.trash first.

Even better you can add to the Konqueror menu (a program can be found at in Konqueror extensions I believe): a “remove as root” entry.

Yep found it, it is called: 72762-sram-1.4.0.tar.bz2

I can’t enable that – interesting though – where is it / how do I get the button?

But wouldn’t that store a backup copy in root’s trash basket?


found the setting for the “delete” function in dolphin - simple checkbox in dolphin’s settings gives that option on right click.

I’ll give it a try later on and report back

the rm command is a fast way to delete from the command line.

But as someone mentioned that won’t send it to the trash so you want to be careful and certain you know what you are doing with that command.

the rm command is a fast way to delete from the command line.

Sometimes you can’t find your pencil because it’s behind your ear …:slight_smile:

Have a look here at the screenshot.

  1. is the icon for “delete” (it colours red if something is selected.
  2. is the rightclick menu of the bar.
  3. is the config GUI, move icons from left to right side.

I see – thankyou

revisiting my original issue . . .

I have changed back to KDE 3.5.xx on Opensuse 11

Deleting a group of movie files from my externl USB drive (4.5GB in total)
action was - move to trash (few seconds)
then right click on trash icon on desktop and select empty trash.
4.5 GB of files removed within 5 seconds.

Same action on KDE 4 with a 350 MB file takes over 1 minute.

Surely there is something amiss here in KDE 4?

Keep in mind that KDE4 is experimental and has a whole raft of strange behaviours.

There was an old and persistent bug: USB flash drives were mounted with option “sync”, which makes data transfer slow. Verify by saying


that there is no such option in your mounted USB flash drive.