Deleting large files and available space not updating

I am using an 11.3 desktop box for imaging. I have a 1 TB drive that has about 900 MB for Home. It got filled with images. I tried deleting images (anywhere from 5 to 15 GB a piece) and the available space is not coming back to me. The trash doesn’t seem to get used with these deletes and looking into the Trash directory there are no files located in the directory. How do I get the system to see that I have freed up space?? Thanks!

Which filesystem are you using? If using btrfs then you may need to
delete the snapshots (if the filesystem where the files were held is using
snapshots) that hold the files. By default the system takes “timeline”
snapshots every hour or so, and those may take a while to clear up, and
will probably require manual cleaning up unless you want to wait a while.

Otherwise, how are you testing your disk space? Post the command and the
output in Code tags for us to see.

Good luck.

OK, so I found that the files were in Trash-0. I am new to Linux so it took me awhile to find the correct Trash folder to look in. I was able to delete all of the files and folders using the command line rm and rmdir. I had to do them one by one though. Is there a way to delete them using rmdir even if the folders are not empty? Also, why is it putting the files and folders in the trash but not showing them in the Trash icon on the desktop? Thanks!

“rm -r” will delete directory with content.

And which Desktop Environment are you using?
If this is your home directory the Trashcan should be in .local/share/Trash (although I think on 11.3 GNOME still used ~/Trash).

For other drives (partitions?) .Trash-xxx is used where xxx is the user id. Since 0 is root’s user id, this would imply you trashed those files as root, which could explain why they do not show up in your user’s Trashcan.

A little Internet research will return plenty of results of “empty trashcans” but space still utilized.
The procedures described here work for KDE (I’ve also had to do so) and my guess likely applies to other Desktops.

Arvidjar describes the most commonly described solution, just delete the folder and its contents, and recreate an empty folder with the same name. Although slower, I expect that “rm /*” (delete all contents of the folder leaving the original folder) can work, but for speed I’d recommend removing the container folder and re-creating instead.

I speculate that the contents of the Trashcan are read from a file listing somewhere and not the location where the files are actually located which causes the possibility of the two not to be sync-d.