Deleting .cache in home directory

openSUSE 13.1 64bit KDE

Whenever I backup my home directory to another box the process is slowed down by a very large number of cached items. Is there any reason to not delete these mostly browser generated files prior to starting the backup? I don’t mind slowing down my browsing.

Thanks in advance.

Why not just add the directory to exclude?

I agree. That is the simplest way to deal with it. But I still prefer not choking my home partition with thousands of files. I’m going to try making the directory non-writeable to see if that helps.


I don’t think you should do that, quite some number of apps needs to write to that directory. I believe it should be quite safe to delete most of the content stored here though, hence, you can do that prior to the back-up process; or, do as Miuku said, if I understood him correctly, and exclude that directory from your back-up catalogue.

Also, clear the browser history from time to time to get rid of its cached files, cookies, browsing log, site preferences etc…

A link to /dev/null won’t produce write errors. Personally I’d delete by age with a cron job and exclude various caches from backups.