deleted desktop panel

While trying to delete a widget from by panel, I deleted the panel itself by mistake. Stupid me. Now my desktop is being treated like the panel. That is, if I add a widget, it goes to the desktop instead of the panel.

How do I get the panel back?? I really miss it. I’ve looked in all the seemingly obvious places like “Configure Desktop”, etc…

Thanks in advance.

If you right click your mouse and the widgets is unlock it will give you an option to add a panel

Unless he is using the standard KDE 4.1 included with 11.1, I dont remember it having a restore panel feature.
No matter, to the original poster I suggest to install KDE 4.3 or even KDE 4.2, both are much better then KDE 4.1.
I will give a tutorial if you need it.

That’s good.:slight_smile:


I installed KDE 4.3.1 and solved this problem.