delete windows

I need more space for opensuse since i have been using it exclusively for months now, and i don’t have enough space under it to back up my ipod. An unused windows partition is taking up all the space. I know i need to repartition my hard drive but before i tried to delete it myself and managed to screw up everything and need to reinstall suse. I have no idea what im doing in terms of partitioning and would appreciate someone explaining to me how to delete my windows partition and give it to suse since right now i only have 12.2 gigs free.
Here is the image from when i open up the yast partitioner.
Image:08773-2.png - openSUSE
I dont want to do it myself cause i worry ill mess everything up like i did the first time.

Everything inside sda3 (extended) is not going to be able expand in to any space made by deleting sda1

And what is sda2??

Maybe you need to explain a little more clearly what your partitions represent/what you have installed.

as already mentioned what is sda2


Honestly, I’ve got no idea. I installed this a while ago, had no idea what I was doing, and just kept clicking okay and let it do everything for me.

Hi. I think the easiest way would be to delete sda1 and sda2. Sda2 can imho be deleted because it has no mountpoint and therefore it is not used by your openSUSE installation. Sda6 in your extended partition seems to be unsused as well. Then create a new partition in the free space and select a mountpoint (e.g. /mnt/data). You may have to create that mountpoint before you create the new partition. If you want to access the new partition as a normal user and not as root only, check/edit the permissions.
As caf4926 suggested you can also try to expand one of your other partitions. Good luck!