Delete Windows Partition?

When i get to the part of the installation where it resizes the other Operating Systems or watever it says delete windows partiton but i want to keep windows so what do i have to do to be able to have both?

If suse finds a windows installation it will offer to re-size it. (So make sure you have defraged windows first). You should then be presented with a proposal. Tell us what that says, exactly!
You could always setup the partitions manually.
How much free space have you to play with? Making sure you leave sufficient for windows.

It says “Delete Windows partition /dev/sda1 (69.55), resize impossibe due to inconsistent fs. Try checking fs under Windows” and another one that says “Delete Windows Partition /dev/sda1 (4.97 GB), Resize impossible due to inconsistent fs. Try checking fs Under Windows.”

Go to windows and do a defrag.
If you already have - report back
But you might want to try a utility cd like: Ultimate Boot CD - Overview
and check you HD