Delete and reinstall KDE4.2?

I installed kde4.2 from the 1 click option on the suse site.
Since then its given me no end of problems, most of which have been documented on the forum.

I have tried to downgrade to 4.1 to fix issues but this didnt work, then upgraded again, again no luck, so I’m now at the point where I just want to get rid of all kde and start again.

Is there an easy way for me to remove all trace of kde and kde4.2 without having to go through all the associated dependencies one by one, and not screwing up my perfectly running gnome environment?


But there should be no reason why you can’t roll back to 4.1.3
Add the stable repo’s for 4.1.3, make sure any 4.2 repo’s are disabled and do update all unconditionally in the 4.1.3 repo’s

Though I would have thought it was quite possible to get 4.2 working in the same way, make sure you use the QT44 repo also.

Yes there is! From your Gnome desktop try Yast>Sotware Management
in the filter drop down menu select Patterns Uncheck everything pertaining to KDE then click Accept. Yast will run deleting it all,Done!
In the future should you decide to give KDE another try go here:
KDE/Repositories - openSUSE

These usually do not have the problems of the one click installs.

You might also try Yast>Software Management in the filter Drop down select Patterns uncheck everything pertaining to KDE then click Accept.
If you decide to give KDE another try go here:
KDE/Repositories - openSUSE

Select the kde that you like by copying the link, then in Yast select Software Repositories click Add then click next in the space URL paste the link from the repo of choice click next then OK.

ok did all of the above suggestions and have a working kde4.2 desktop. Only problems I have now are related to sound and playing avi/mkv files. Thanks for the help.

multi media help
Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide - openSUSE Forums

vlc player almost runs every format…

try installing from the repo

Index of /pub/videolan/vlc/SuSE/

why only vlc ??

ans: bcoz it gets all the dependecies such as all the codecs required

thanks for the guide caf4926.
All sorted and everything running perfectly.

An easier way to have sorted out the problems might have been to simply delete the .kde4 folder in home. This is then recreated for you.

I have found that your system can be messed up a bit by keeping .kde (as it is) when you update to 4.2

Good to hear. You might have noticed kde4 is now 4.2.1 with the most recent updates and the QT44 repo, if you added it is no longer needed. If you disable it you will have some QT and related packages show red in software management - which you can leave or roll back. I rolled mine back with no ill effects.

If you have any further problems, feel free to ask your questions here.