Delays before shutting down to re-start

Recently I have found there have been long delays before shutting down. If I esc to see what is going on it seems the system is waiting for processes. There is a timer and the usual wait is 1min 30 secs. Sometimes there are several processes waiting. Is there anything I can do to reduce the waiting times? I shall try and note the process next time and report back.

I occasionally see one of those. But it is rare. When I do see that, it is usually when doing a reboot after a “zypper up”, so I assume that the update left a minor inconsistency in the running software.

If this is happening often, then you should make notes as to what is delaying the shutdown.

As far as I can remember I have only seen this on an NFS client when waiting for an NFS answer from the NFS server (probably some conversation of the two: hey I am unmounting, do you mind?). But since I use automount (btw the systemd version) I do not see it anymore. Probably because the NFS file system is already automaticaly unmounted earlier due to no usage during some time.

And of course like @rnickert, you should call names when you want more input from others.

See if you can find those delays in the last boot’s journal:

sudo journalctl -b -1