Deja-dup problem

Hello :slight_smile:
I’ve a problem, trying to make a backup with deja-dup utility. I receive error: BackendException: Failed to initialize backend: No module named gi.repository.
Anyone can help me?
Thanks :wink:

Not specific to Deja Dup, but whenever I see that error running any backup program, it means that the remote backup location hasn’t been configured or is pointing to a location that doesn’t exist… for example removable media which isn’t connected.


Thank you for help :slight_smile:
Problem is solved by:

zypper install python-gobject python3-gobject gtk3

I just had the same problem on DejaDup 37.0 on openSUSE Leap 15.1, but this also solved it for me. Thank you for the help!

Same here, many thanks for sharing