Deja Dup fails: "Can't start new thread"

Hi all!

I just realised that whenever I run a back-up with déjà dup, Duplicity will fail to work. Or, at least, after the back-up seems to be finished, I am greeted with a popup window that reads “Back-Up failed - with unknown error” and this is the error output. It finally says “error: can’t start new thread” after what I assume is a bunch of Phython information which I don’t really understand.
Is there any one here who knows what’s wrong? To me, this somewhat looks as if there’s a bug in Duplicity rather than on my side – but maybe I’m making an error here?

I’m on Tumbleweed, Gnome 3.26, Déjà Dup is in version 36.3 (I think that’s the standard on TW right now).

Help is welcomed!

Most likely this is just a problem exhausting the number of concurrent Python threads and not specific to any Python app.

Try some of the stuff from this Google search…

First, figure out what else is possibly running at the same time on your machine.
Take a reading on the number of threads that are currently running.
Increase the concurrent thread limit if necessary.