Default zypper mirror extremely slow


I’m a linux user for around 3 years (1 on fedora, 2 on arch) and recently decided to give openSUSE Tumbleweed a go. I did a network installation and found it odd how it took two hours to download all the default packages of a gnome installation. Today I’ve been playing around installing a few things I need and noticed that the package manager is really slow when it comes to downloading the packages (~500KB/s sometimes 1MB if I’m lucky). I have a 1gbit connection and on Arch the downloads were usually around 80MB/s.

I assume that the mirror which was selected automatically, and is nearest to me, is slow? I’ve browsed quite a bit and haven’t come to a conclusion as it seems not many people have this problem. What can I do to verify this?

Thank you and Best Regards.

openSUSE Tumbleweed is a rolling release and a few days ago there have been changes to glibc which caused the whole distribution to be rebuild (

So at the moment many Tumbleweed users who update their system will be served 1000+ packages - quite a strain to the bandwidth of the servers.

I do an update right now (2.400 packages) and my speed is down from usually 1MB to 400kB.



I found the same this morning with 2600 packages to download. Normally much faster at least for me. I do update normally about 3 or 4 times a week so not that far behind!


That explains it! :)Thanks for the information

+1 here too. Looks like I don’t need to post my question! Maybe we need a bulletin at the top of the main forum page?

Not really, we have a snapshot notice/sticky, hopefully users will read what the next snapshot release involves? A lot of updates to sync out to the mirrors… There is also an expectation that Tumbleweed users keep an eye on the Mailing List as well…

Oh, good to know! Where does one find the Tumbleweed snapshot notice/sticky?

Should show up if you select ‘New Posts’, but show up here:

If using a browser, maybe use the RSS feed either for the Forum or Mailing list, I use feedbro in Firefox and have it pop up a notification via a rule for the factory Mailing list…

Awesome! Thanks malcolmlewis!