Default value of "Vendor" in rpm packages


I’m pretty new to OBS. I noticed that for rpm packages built by spec files that does not have a “Vendor” defined, the Vendor field in the output of “rpm -qip” will have a predefined value. For example:

$ rpm -qip myprogram-0.4-11.1.i586.rpm 
Name        : myprogram                    Relocations: (not relocatable)
Version     : 0.4                               Vendor: obs://<my-obs-server>/home:<my-obs-userid>
Release     : 11.1                          Build Date: Fri 26 Aug 2011 05:45:08 PM PDT

I’ve seen other packages that doesn’t have the vendor defined in the spec file show some default vendor string. How can I configure that default vendor?


You may be able to configure in the project configuration, but AFAIK,
the vendor is the Open Build Service.

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Thanks for your reply.

I’ve added the following lines to the Project Config and it seems to have changed the Vendor for those packages where the spec file doesn’t specify the vendor:

%vendor MyVendor

Since the change, I noticed that some builds failed because “The setup of repository is broken, build not possible”. Not sure why some repos are affected and some aren’t (eg. openSuse 11.3 vs 11.4, they were both working before) Is there any documentation on the things we can do / syntax expected in the “Project config” in a project?

Looks like it doesn’t support vendor;

However if you created your own instance I’m sure that would be

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Thanks for your reply again. Actually the repository broken problem is due to another issue, so it is unrelated to the Project Config that I changed. Right now, it looks like that 2 line addition does what I needed and my package built successfully for all the repos.

Note: Curiously, when I change the Project Config, it did not automatically trigger rebuilt for the packages in the project. I would have expected a rebuild since the config obviously affects the generated rpms.