Default Printer value doesn't change with 2 printers

I have a strange issue here. Originally, I only had one printer connected to this computer: a HP PSC 1310, which was obviously set as the default printer. I recently bought a HP 1100 laserjet for $10 and installed it on my computer. I have gone to both the CUPS manager and the YAST printer manager and set the 1100 to default, but yet whenever I open, say, openoffice, it still says the 1310 is the default printer. What do I need to do to get my defaults straightened out? They’re both connected via USB, FWIW.



are you telling this is just with OpenOffice?

if you search using the file search tool, for spadmin.bin

ours is in /usr/share

if you single click on this file, it will give you a GUI interface to set the default printer in OpenOffice; but I am not sure it is any different from just selecting printer default whilst you have OpenOffice open … (I just remembered the spadmin function from earlier versions of OO)

perhaps you tell us too how you checked things in CUPS please?

I just checked actually, and the problem is global; I get the same behavior in Firefox.

All I did in CUPS was go to the Manage Printers panel, then clicked “mark as default” for the 1100. CUPS also says that the 1100 is the default currently.


are you look at web face cups? http://localhost:631/printers [by default]
is there your hp1100 is also default printer?

Yes; I configured the 1100 to be the default both on the web CUPS manager, and on the YAST printer manager, under the hardware menu I believe.


I don’t think anyone has seen this problem of yours before;as oldcpu said the other day, everyone tries to help out

if you look in opt/kde3/share/doc/HTML/en/kdeprint there should be at least two files: cups-config.docbook and cupsoptions.docbook

have a good read through those;

with linux, sometimes, you just gotta do some reading yourself; the upside is you will be able to help all of us; we would be glad to hear what you learn

you can also join general linux forums: linux questions; justlinux and ask there; let us know how it goes