Default printer settings location

I’ve been searching for the location where default settings (margins) are stored for my Brother HL-1440 laser without success. I’ve searched in /etc, /var, and /home but haven’t found it.

I’d like to change the bottom margin from the default 0.50 inch to 0.75 as default. I know I can change this option each time, but that gets old. For some reason the 0.50 setting for the bottom margin doesn’t happen, it prints down to the very bottom of the page, printing only the top two pixel rows on the bottom edge.

The test page under Yast2 printer setup comes out properly with good margins. When I change the bottom margin to 0.75 inch in options when printing, the bottom margin comes out about half inch.

Can anyone provide some insight about where to look or the actual location for setting the margin defaults?

Thanks, Tom

Try looking in /usr/share/cups/model. find your printer model and check in the ppd file. Be sure to create a backup before making any changes.

Thanks, Whych, I’ll give that a look.:wink: