default permissions on external NTFS partition


When my external USB-HDD with NTFS auto-mounts, the default permissions are set to drwx------ 1 userid users. So only I have read-write but all others have no permissions at all. This is annoying because I have pictures on this drive that I share via an apache web server running as wwwrun. So I wonder how I can change the default permissions to something like rwxr–r-- so that apache can access the pictures?


As this automounting is for a particular user (one of the users that happen to be loged in at that moment in time, do not ask me what happens when more users are loged in at that time) and that user gets the pop up, etc., that user is the owner. (Remember that NTFS does not have these ownership and access bits and that it is all faked on Linux).

Now when you have this disk regulary or all the time on-line (I get that idea because you have more users, all using it), why not mount it from /etc/fstab? You can not only specify with defaults as only parameter to make it usable by all, but you can also give it a nice place in your directory structure other that the silly place in /media.

With Henk here. I have an external disk where all backups are put on, also those from user wwwrun. I have it mounted on /Backups, which has 775 perms, the disk is on 24/7. The only reason it’s external is that I want to be able to grab and save it in case of a fire.

IN CASE OF FIRE! Do NOT return to get your belongings!