Default Partitions and RAID

Hi guys,
I’m installing OpenSuse on a dell poweredge where it will be the only OS. The machine has 2 34 GB scsi drives.

I’d like to set configure it to use RAID 0 but I’m a little confused as to what my default partitions and mount points should be before attempting to mark the drives as RAID. I would really appreciate it if someone could suggest what partitions and mountpoints to create in order to set the drives to RAID.

I tried the following with no luck.

Drive 1 (/dev/sda)
/dev/sda1 - swap 1.9 GB mountpoint: Swap
/dev/sda2 - Ext3 31.9 GB mountpoint: /

Drive 2 (/dev/sdb)
/dev/sdb1 - Ext3 33.9 GB mountpoint /usr

Through YAST, when go to RAID, then +Add, I get the error message “There are not enough suitable unused devices to create a RAID”

Thanks in advance!

First of all RAID0 is striping. You probably meant RAID1, which is mirroring.

Secondly, the partitions are marked type Linux RAID, assembled, then they are given a Linux filesystem type. So RAID is below the level of the Linux filesystem.

Since with RAID1 you will lose 1/2 the capacity, you would end up with about 30GB available. The available space is the smaller of the two members of the RAID, the excess is wasted. So you might as well make sdb identical to sda and create a second swap you can also mount.

On the other hand, you mentioned that the machine is a Poweredge. So you might actually have hardware RAID. In which case this is transparent to the OS, it just sees the RAID as one disk.

Thanks for the reply.

I have a NAS for backup so I was trying to configure it for RAID 0 for increased performance.

The first thing I looked for was the hardware configuration in the LSI Logic controller … Ctrl+A.
It shows me the drives, but does not have any way to configure it for RAID. Not sure why.

Have you considered taking the model name of your Poweredge and searching on the Net for the technical specs?