Default new network card to DHCP

I am running openSUSE 11.1 and relatively new to Linux. When I add a new network device to my system I would like to have the new network device default to use DHCP. Currently any new device I add takes a static address. Can anyone help?

Ideally I would also like that network device to default to use a particular Firewall zone (External Zone) too. However this is of secondary importance but it would be great if I could do this too.


How are you adding new network devices? I presume that you are not adding new devices every now and then.

If you are using Yast, you can very well configure it for DHCP there.

Thanks, yes I am using YaST to configure it to use DHCP and it works fine when I do however, for reasons that are a little lengthy to explain, it would be a huge benefit to us if it would default to use DHCP on installation.

I wondered if there was a configurations setting I could set to force new network devices to do so?

In my observation a newly installed and enabled network device uses DHCP configuration. That is why I asked how the network device is getting added.