Default KDE panel

I am new to Linux. Installed 11.2 w/ KDE 4.3.5.

Today my mouse went crazy and opened several dozen yellow notes on the screen, changed a bunch of stuff on the panel (at bottom of screen), and blew away my network settings. Who knows what else it’s done that I haven’t discovered yet.

Now that I have the mouse problem fixed, I’m trying to get the panel fixed up. Is there a way to get the default installed panel back again?

I think I have it mostly fixed correctly but I am very unfamiliar with it and could easily miss something, such as the task manager widget (which I found out about by searching for why my minimized apps were disappearing). I also added back in the missing application launcher (is it normal to have a title balloon when hovering the mouse over it? - I don’t recall seeing this balloon before).

If there is not way to get a default panel back again I’d like to know if it’s possible to selectively turn off the title balloons when the mouse is hovered over an icon.

Thanks, Jon

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if caf’s fine tutorial doesn’t suit your purposes, or if you really want the default panel back for multiple reasons…

from the login screen, bottom left “Menu” chose Console login… at the command prompt log in as the user in question then issue:

rm ~/.kde4/share/config/plasma*



you should end up back at the login screen and can log in to a “first run” default desktop.

if you want to retain the desktop files for examination or recovery of info, substitute

mv ~/.kde4/share/config/plasma* /somewhere/to/backup

once you get your panel, to eliminate the taskbar popup you must right click on a BLANK area of the taskbar widget space and choose “Task Manager Settings”… there will be a checkbox for “show tooltips” which you need to uncheck.


When I choose ‘add panel’ I am NOT given a choice to create default widgets, I only get a blank panel minimized to the upper left of the screen.

I thought perhaps since I had an existing panel it may be that I am not offered that choice. So I deleted my existing panel and still don’t get a choice!

I’m using KDE 4.3.5



Thanks, that did the trick for me.

And thanks also to caf, I found the “My Guides” and see a lot of interesting stuff to absorb.


Just for clarity to any who might be wondering.

Only when No panel at all is present do you get the option to add a default panel

And you could restore from your backup of course. I just did it today, after may panel was crippled (not the mouse went crazy, but I think I was myself doing some strange things).

Copied* ~/.kde4/share/plasma-desktop=appletrc* back from the backup and Bingo!