Default icons/launcers on Gnome desktop

Hi I have openSUSE 11.1 Gnome 64 bit.

On the Desktop are the default links/icons “on line help” and “suse greeter”. They’re owned by root. They don’t show in a directory listing. I can’t see them when I brows there with “gnomesu nautilus” as superuser. So I can’t get rid of them the normal ways.

How can I get rid of them?


Not a Gnome user, but good Gnome reference for you to read. In particular, it lists some of the locations of key config files and directories. Also lists where ‘.desktop’ definition files are located. Maybe it has the answer. (It seems to mention ‘.gnome-desktop’ directory as containing ‘Desktop icons and application launchers.’)

Thanks for that. It pointed most to .gconf. But I had a good look at all of them and couldn’t locate a solution.

Wish I could offer more. Did you see this?

Edit: Found this openSUSE Gnome Tutorial which shows how to use gconftool-2 (or GUI tool gconf-editor) to change desktop icons. Hope its useful.

Bless your cotton sox. Top link did it for me.

Glad to have been of help cobber :slight_smile:

Thanks to prs4nov for solution as well.